Smart Device Platform

Smart Device Platform

Smart Device Hardware Constructing Technology

Innopiatech owns several SoC/IC based platforms and product develop experience, and for commercialized development of H/W product, owns H/W designers. Reaching at 50~100 user level company IP communication device, set top, home server, mini dongle, InnopiaTech owns several H/W circuit construction, simulation, debugging and board construction, Know-how.

Main Technologies
Multi-core ARM based H/W product development (Smart TV dongle, Set top box, IoT dongle product)
MIPS/Intel Core based H/W product (DVR Set top, HD video service set top)
Main Vendor : Amlogic, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Telechips, ViXs, Cortina, Intel

Smart Device Control System

InnopiaTech owns, from first smart device (PDA, Webpads) control system to company communication device, set top, smartphone, IoT based Smart Home Herb, various control system weight lightening/optimization and stabilization Know-how

Main Technologies
Android based mini dongle OTT/IoT combined product control system and publicization service framework
Linux based HD media Screen mirroring/casting dongle only light control system
Low-electricity service control system technology (Linux based)
Android based Smart TV, STB only high performing media device control system technology