Network Security/Optimization Platform

Network Security/Optimization Platform

Network Security/Optimization technology

Innopiatech, from export/government organizations only communication device to Smartphones only communication platform, constructs various device communication and data security know-how, and based on it, provides credible communication security and optimization technology.

Main Technologies
Network firewall/security technology for company, home communication platform
Channel security and encryption/decoding technology for VPN service
TCP/IP protocol solubilization technology (patented)
Communication service technology for multisystem control based failover and restore
Linux based security Booting/Fast Booting optimization technology

Innopia smart device control system and service framework


IoT wireless service technology application field

Patent name Registration date
Network connection setting device and method of electronic device 16.01.26
Antenna possession control and method by motion in dual Wi-Fi system 15.11.03
TCP based ? 16.02.16
A set top box that sends remote control language from my-com to system-on. 12.05.24
Application share system between devices and method 14.09.04
TCP session restoring error action system and method. 14.12.30
Data syncing and restoring dualization system and method 16.02.05
Gateway device and method which provides double wireless communication 15.07.30

International standard (CC EAL3+) Security communication device development and verification