Magic Live

Stream your Life from Anywhere at Anytime

You can livestream video on your smartphone on TV.

Magic Live Livestream

Livestream your smartphone’s video to your family on TV,
even more vividly with HD.

Livestream special moments with your family!

You can enjoy the moments of parties, concerts,
and travels with your family simultaneously.

The vividness of scene to HD quality

Livestream sports games with HD quality

No more facetime with small screens

Watch through big screen rather than a small one.

Examples of usage

With grandparents

Show your grandparents with a big TV, not a small smartphone with livestreaming.

Share your traveling memories.

Are you disappointed that your family could not accompany with you on a travel?
Start Magic Live Livestreaming immediately.

Want to see kids abroad?

Do you want to know the latest news of your distant family?
Use Magic Live to watch live videos on your TV.

Live Sports Broadcast

Cheer on your favorite team’s games that you missed with your friends and family.

Live broadcasting App

Magic Live App (Android)

Smartphone camera

Video quality selection

Streaming to the client device

Download Magic Live application.

Products compatible with Magic Live