About Us

About Us

Total Solution Provider


Innopia Technologies, Inc. has been focusing on development and commercialization of smart products that will lead the smart world based on network broadcasting and mobile Internet of Things technologies. With years of experience and professional engineers we have accumulated core technologies to perform Smart Device System development projects and successfully delivered products to global operators. As a result, Innopia has been able to strengthened its positon in global market.

Furthermore, Innopia Technologies, Inc. with more than 100 engineers are focusing on the development for leading products and invest more than 15% of its revenue in to Research and Development.

With advanced R&D resource, Innopia has developed and commercialized “MagicCast” in 2015, achieving an award for the most recognized science and technology prize in South Korea. Moreover, Innopia delivers Internet of Things and Smart Signage solution together to diverse the service scenario. Innopia Technologies, Inc. will put its best efforts in Smart Media, Smart Home and Smart Signage solutions to lead the future proof multi-media platform